Our Story

Box Social Brewing was established in 2015 by father and son duo Steve and Ross Holland. The brewery's aim is to create new and exciting beers to get people talking to each other and question their perception of beer.

After a long time working out of Steve's garage, brewing beer really just for ourselves, we decided to take the plunge and set up shop in a small industrial estate in Newburn on a 6 Barrel kit. We built a small tasting room on site so people could come and taste the freshest beer possible and began working on our beer range. Four years later, we were selling out of beer faster than we could make it and decided we had to take the next step.

We moved into our new 15 Barrel brewery in February 2019. This has allowed us to create not only better beer, but more of it!

Our goal is simple, to continue to create the best beer we can.