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Barrel Aging Program

Barrel Aging Program

Thursday 31st January 2019

In December 2018 we launched our Barrel Aged Imperial Campfire Porter. Split into two batches, each one aged in a different barrel we released both our Bourbon Edition and Whisky Edition as the pioneer beers of our barrel aged program. Less than 350 bottles of each were made, with each one hand labelled, wax-dipped and stamped and individually numbered, it felt like a monumental effort. But we were ecstatic with the end result.

One beer aged in ex-bourbon barrels and the other, aged in ex-whisky barrels from Loch Lomond distillery both went down a treat, selling out in days after the release! Showcasing the dramatic effect a barrel can have on the right beer, the strong flavours paired well with the Imperial Porter, which had enough body to stand up to the bold finish the barrels imparted.

This taste of barrel aged beers only furthered our interest in the effect different barrels could have on different beers and we're exciting to continue this concept into 2019. We've got a few more barrels now and some interesting ideas floating around the brewery as to what to do with them. We're excited to see what else we can do over the coming year with barrels and beer. But we'll keep you updated about that.


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