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New Cask Beer

New Cask Beer

Sunday 24th March 2019
Cal Sugar

We've been manically busy with the launch of our first ever 440ml cans. And we can honestly say, we're pretty sick to death of hand labelling cans now. Last time we ever try to do that.

With all the hubbub around our new cans some people might have thought we'd forgotten about cask beer. But don't worry, we haven't. We've been making cask beer since we started in 2015. There's been blog posts, articles and numerous twitter threads about where cask has been and where its going and when it's coming back. But to us, cask never went anywhere. We have always made cask. And although we can't predict the future, we do see it hard to envision a world when cask isn't in demand. So we'll keep making it. 

So, this week we're casking up a brand new seasonal in cask only. Hold Your Colour is a 4.2% Pale, with oodles of dry hop to really make it pop! We used Simcoe, Callista and Citra, for juicy citrus and orange flavours balanced by earthy pine notes on the nose. Finally the Munich malt adds a biscuity, almost honey like base. We really hope you like it as much as we do.

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